Demographic Data Centre

Demographic Data Centre, exists in Dept. of Statistics and Demography. The centre has been functioning since July 11th 2003.


The centre was established with a aim to act as a repository of data from various sources like demographic survey, census, NSSO, Population Reference Bureau at one place to make data easily accessible and available.

General objective

To develop a databank on Socio-Demographic, Health, and Family Welfare related information from different sources at national and state level on continuing basis for the ready professional reference for the researchers, administrators and planners.

Specific objectives
  • To identify the different national and state and district level source of data, data sets for inclusion in the databank.
  • To collect and organise the data for compiling, collating and storing data in the computer system in the department of Statistics and Demography.
  • To update the datasets in the computer from time to time.
  • To make available the data to the professionals for research, planning and teaching purposes.


Since its inception the Centre has been collecting, compiling, collating and working to act as repository of the data pertaining to public health, demography and family welfare from various sources: Census, SRS, NFHS, RHS-RCH (DLHS), Facility Survey, NSSO, and other CSO, Family Welfare, Health Information (CBHI), Rural Health Statistics, (Service Statistics, Programme and Manpower)

Acquired Bound Materials (hard copies)

Population Size and Characteristics, Final Tables of Primary Abstract of 2001 Census

National Family Health Survey Reports (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Rounds)

District Level Household Survey Reports (1st and 2nd Rounds)

Facility Survey Reports

Rural Health Statistics 2002, 2004

SRS Compendium of fertility & mortality

SRS Bulletin 2001-2007

SRS Statistical Report 2005 & 2006

Soft Copies


A Series Census of India 2001, Primary Census Abstracts of all states.

A Series Census of India 2001, Primary Census Abstracts –SC and ST all India.

Census of India 2001, Tables on Houses, households Amenities and Assets of all States.

Census of India 2001, Religion –India

Census of India 2001, Gender Sensitisation 2001

Census of India 2001, Provisional Paper 1,2 & 3

B-Series Tables on Workers

C-Series Tables on Disability

C-Series Marital Status

C-Series Religion

C-Series Age and Sex Population

D-Series tables on Migration

F-Series Fertility Tables

H-Series Tables on Households

NSSO data

42 Round

25.1 Maternity, childcare, Family planning & utilisation of

25.2 Distribution,

25.7 Participation in Education

27.0 Utilisation of Medical services, Survey on persons age 60 & above

47 Round

3. Literacy & Culture,

26.0 Disabled persons,

26. Developmental Milestone of children,

3.1 Village facilities

52 Round

25.0 Health care

58 Round

0.21Particulars of slum,

26.0 Disabled persons

3.1 Village facilities

1.2 Housing condition

60 Round

25.0 Morbidity & Health care

NFHS data

NFHS 1, 2 & 3 (Reports & Raw data)

DLHS data

DLHS 1 & 2 (Reports & Raw data)

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