Computer Centre

NIHFW has a Computer Centre with facilities for data analysis, programming and Computer Assisted Learning (CAL). The Institute has established Campus Wide Area Network and computerised different units in the Institute. Five powerful servers are hosted in the computer centre, connecting 300 PCs in the campus. Internet connectivity is also provided to Faculty, Research and Administrative staff through 1 GB NKN Connectivity. The functioning of academic cell, administration, finance, hospital, hostel, library, stores, etc. is fully computerised under the initiatives taken by the Computer Centre.

The office automation and e-governance software are widely used in the Institute. The Computer Centre has a well-equipped computer labs for teaching/training purpose. Computer training is provided to staff, MD/DHA students and participants of various courses.

Department Staff
 Ms. Nidhi Kesarwani, IAS
  Deputy Director (Admin.),
PhoneNo :011-26165959,26166441  Ext-310
 Mr. Pankaj Gautam
 Incharge & Programmer, Computer Center,
PhoneNo :011-26165959,26166441 Ext-231
 Mr. Dinesh R.
 Programmer, Computer Center,
PhoneNo :011-26165959,26166441 Ext-231
 Mr. Jagdish C. Sharma
PhoneNo :011-26165959,26166441 Ext-158
 Mr. Ram Kumar
PhoneNo :011-26165959,26166441 Ext-113
 Mrs. Sunita Malik
PhoneNo :011-26165959,26166441 Ext-149
 Mr. Harsh Kumar
PhoneNo :011-26165959,26166441 Ext-220
 Mr. Sandeep Kumar
PhoneNo :011-26165959,26166441 Ext-220
 Mrs. Radha Devi

PhoneNo :011-26165959,26166441 Ext-149

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